Safe weighing enclosures

ST1 Safety weighing systems

Optimal personal protection and stable weighing results

Personal safety when weighing potent substances is especially important. This is where the ST1 Series offers optimum conditions for people and material. The unique functionality in the design enables the uninterrupted operation of sensitive micro analytical scales and ensures the minimum weight.

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Bulk Powder Series

Dispensing cabinet for handling large quantities

The Bulk Powder Series is specifically designed for the safe transfer and weighing of toxic or active substances from large containers, such as drums. When using a mobile Bulk Powder cabin, both the transferring and the weighing process can be carried out locally.

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Accessories / consumables

- Matched to our products
- Ensures compatibility with the materials used
- Simplifies the handling in the enclosure

To work optimally with your safe weighing enclosure or other enclosures a range of accessories and consumables are also available.

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Enclosures / Containment

LEV systems

Process enclosures for equipment or work processes

As tailor-made individual constructions, LEV enclosures protect the user from potential spills when working with analytical instruments such as HPLC systems, pipetting robots, mills or grinders. The special feature: Height adjustable CAV SASH. It allows free access to the upper and lower area of the interior.

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IE series

Instrument Enclosure - Optimal user protection with equipment enclosure

The IE Series was specifically designed for enclosing analytical instruments where hazardous samples may be present. The design specially is coordinated with the requirements to allow easy access to all device components.

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Air-conditioned containment


Secure, climate-controlled work environment

The ClimateZone provides a secure climate-controlled environment for the testing of pharmaceutical products. Temperature and humidity are controlled in the ClimateZone.

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Individual solutions for personal protection

Application examples

Enclosures custom built to customer specifications

a1-safetech is a specialist in the development of customized solutions. Together with the user, we develop solutions for their specific tasks. Experience, creative ideas and intensive needs analysis enables us to develop customized solutions for the benefit of our customers.

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Custom Build Gloveboxen

We also develop suitable glove boxes for personal protection.

Access to the enclosure is via membranes with openings closed with membranes or using gloves.

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Customer service


Safetech installation service

After each installation our service technicians specially trained in the field of occupational safety and ventilation equipment carry out an IQ / OQ and train the laboratory staff in how to operate the cabin.

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Safetech maintenance service

As part of our maintenance we check the ordinance on hazardous substances of all system components according to TRGS and the integrity of the HEPA filter. All work is carried out according to SOP with certified measuring instruments.

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Safetech repair service

There is a defect? That's just when you can rely on us. We are here for you: competent and reliable.

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Training / Seminars


- Raising awareness of hazards
- Identification and evaluation of hazards
- Techniques for the safe handling of potent substances
- Techniques and procedures for "safe" weighing
- Correct use of the safety weighing cabins
- ...

Protection is only effective if it is also installed correctly. Therefore, the training of staff in how to work with the enclosure and adhere to the important work steps are of great importance. In addition to the training we offer our -SW - SafeWeighing Practice training for beginners and experienced laboratory workers. This training is divided into a theoretical and a practical part in which the individual work progresses are highlighted and practiced.

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- Standards, regulations and laws to protect people in the lab
- Identification and evaluation of hazards
- Identifying appropriate protective measures

In our seminar series – Protective measures in the weighing work place – the legal framework and regulations are highlighted and potential hazards and strategies how to avoid them are identified.

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