Optimal personal protection when dealing with highly active substances.

a1-safetech specializes in consulting, training and the design of containment systems. We produce self contained and flexible enclosures, that are characterized by their ergonomics.

We are happy to pass on to you the wealth of knowledge we have accumulated, especially with enclosures of weighing processes. In cooperation with our users in the pharmaceutical industry, we were able to develop targeted open containments which have huge benefits with personal protection. OEL <100ng/m3 can be easily maintained. Our containment solutions possess controlled turbulence and monitored air currents.

Our extensive training during installation and setup will assist you with safe operation. Our service is supported by an innovative maintenance, qualification and requalification concept. We have the expertise that you can rely on.

Your requirements and our expertise

Do you have a particular question regarding personal protection in the laboratory? Do you need comprehensive and expert advice?

Starting from our first contact we offer you highly competent advice and support. From your first call you will speak with professionals who understand your question and speak your language. All of our employees have technical or scientific training and have been using these in the laboratory and in our workshops for many years. We are proud of our years of experience and want to share our knowledge with you.

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