In our series of seminars "Precautions on weighing station" the legal framework and regulations are presented, potential hazards are identified together with strategies to avoid them.


  • Standards, regulations and laws for the protection of persons in the laboratory
  • Identification and assessment of hazards
  • Identifying appropriate protective measures



Protective measures are only effective if they are installed correctly. Therefore, the training of staff in the working method with an enclosure, and the maintenance of the important work steps are of great importance. In addition to the training, we also offer our "SWP - SafeWeighing Practice" training for beginners and train laboratory staff. This training is divided into a theoretical and a practical part in which the individual work steps are demonstrated and practiced.



  • Awareness of hazards
  • Identification and assessment of hazards
  • Techniques for the safe handling of potent substances
  • Techniques and procedures for "safe" weighing
  • Correct use of the safety weighing cabins
  • Training Certificate

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