Custom Built glove boxes

We also develop suitable glove boxes for personal protection. The access into the enclosure is via openings sealed with membranes or with gloves.

The advantages at a glance:

  • detailed needs analysis
  • extensive experience in the design of enclosures
  • innovative solution concepts
  • 3D design Modelling
  • Performance testing

Rely on the experts for containment solutions: Whether individual work stations or the entire work process - we will find the right solution for you.


  Glovebox mit Transport Option        
Glove box with gas supply Glove box with transfer port    

Custom-build solutions

A specialty of a1-safetech is the development of custom-made and custom-built solutions.

Our engineers develop innovative solutions for specific requirements for personnel as well as for product protection after a detailed needs analysis and in close cooperation with the customer.

Single-station solutions are just as important as encasement concepts for entire processes. Often in several different tests or manipulations are carried out in laboratories on the same substances. This means that the substances are transported to different places, creating a significant risk of contamination, which can be minimized or eliminated by our encasement concepts.

The advantage of a fully protected process: the sample can safely moved between different work stations.

a1-safetech designs and develops enclosures with user-safe operations for complete workflows. Here, various enclosures can be combined with each other to enable the complete workflow to run under protected conditions.

Optional details


  • Containment tested according to EN 14175 Part 3

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