LEV systems

LEV systems

Process enclosures for equipment or work processes

As custom-made individual structures, LEV enclosures protect the user from potential releases when working with analytical instruments such as HPLC systems, pipetting robots, mills or grinders.

Specifics: The height adjustable CAV SASH system allows free and easy access to the upper and lower region of the interior.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Development and construction specific to the process
  • Easy access to the interior through side doors and CAV SASH system
  • vibration-free through independent filter units
  • optimum personal protection against dust and aerosols
  • Independent ventilation, no connection to the home ventilation necessary, but possible

The custom-made individual structures of the LEV systems ensure a safe laboratory environment with a variety of applications. Discuss your problem with us and we can design a solution.


LEV system e.g. by pipetting robot   LEV system with two work access openings        
LEV system e.g. by pipetting robot LEV system with two work access openings    

The LEV systems

are designed and built with customers based on a needs analysis, .

In general, an LEV system is equipped with a CAV-SASH controller with fixed work access opening. The work area is accessible from the front by a working access opening in the sash. This is individually height adjustable, and has aerodynamically optimized current wings to prevent a backflow of contaminated air from the interior. Any desired working height can be set with a slight pressure on the edge of the work access opening.

In addition to the sash, an LEV be equipped with side doors and openings, so that additional access to the system can be created for maintenance.

Many variations are possible in order to adapt one LEV to the requirements of the application.

Special features include:

  • Independent air filtration technology
  • Requires only a low volume of air
  • Ergonomically, relaxed and safe work
  • Freedom of movement for pipetting and handling of samples
  • Horizontal laminar air flow allows the use of micro-scales
  • Alarm monitoring of air flows

Optional details


  • Alarm device for the monitoring of the inflow velocity
  • Variable height adjustable work access opening


  • Containment Tested according to EN 14175 Part 3

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